• 1) Gut Bad Wurst
    60 full page C-prints in archival inks, featuring extended
    drawing at its metaphorically mosts imple using pen, pencil and PC,
    soft bound, glassine, 30 x 21 cm, numbered/20, signed, 2003
    300 euro

    2) Drawings: Late 20th To Early 21st Century
    66 full page C-prints in archival inks featuring extrapolations of the artist’s
    notebooks from the late 20th and early 21st centuries
    soft bound,  30 x 21 cm, numbered/20, signed, 2003
    300 euro

    3) A Brief Introduction To Hegelian Dialectics
    24 images (C-prints in archival inks) illustrating in 5 parts thesis, antithesis and
    synthesis, and some sub-divisions as for example absinthesis.
    Spiral bound, 21 x 15 cm, numbered/100, 2005
    26 euro


    4) Conscious Cookies
    “A Baker’s Dozen (Stocked up over the decades to Three Score)”,
    60 poetical assays with 14 cookie illustrations (C-prints in archival inks)
    in colour by the author,
    spiral bound, 62 pages, 21 x 15 cm, numbered/100,  2005
    26 euro


    5) Pissaro – Der Ur-Renoir / The Ur-Renoir
    27 colourful variations (C-prints in archival inks) of an image playing around the
    sense suggested in the phonetics of the names of the 2 impressionist painters
    accompanied by a sentence in variations, (avilable either in German or English)
    A5 spiral bound, 62 pages, 15 x 21 cm, numbered/100, 2005
    EUR 30

    6) Googleface
    “Pictures and portraits of great poets, painters and musicians of the 20th century in the manner of the internet,
    A5 spiral bound, 74 colour pages in archival inks, numbered/100, signed, 2006
    30 euro

    7) Alles Tip-Top
    Fairly austere item consisting of alternating issues of the German consumer broadsheets “Tip” and “Top”,
    spiral bound, number of issues varying between about 16 and 24,
    sometimes with extravagant supplements for those with ample shelf space. As I recall, Gustav Metzger recommends
    newspapers as material for artists, so here you go!
    Spiral bound, approx. 31 x 22, with an original print on the cover,
    numbered/30, signed 2006
    60 euro


    8) Lurchi the Actionist
    Being the adventures of Germany’s greatest childhood Volksheld as Actionist, graphically illustrated to show
    his total similarity to the notorious Vienna Actionists. Plus an essay “The Viennese Actionism” translated by Google,
    and a guide to the illustrations
    Spiral bound, 26 pages, A5, richly illustrated in archival inks,
    numbered/100, signed, 2006,
    26 euro

    9) Must illusions always spawn more illusions?
    Poetic if pathetic pastel about a figure-background illusion going round the twist
    Spiral bound, A5, 17 unnumbered pages on chromolux paper, featuring 9 original graphics
    by the author, numbered 1 to 25, signed
    42 euros


    9a) Must illusions always spawn more illusions?
    The same text and figures, but in a simple pocket-size black, white and blue format for those seeking inspiration while out and about. Jan Voss’s preferred version.
    Spiral bound, A6, archival inks, numbered 26 to 100
    8 euros

    10) Ewiger Wiederkehr
    Another fairly austere item (like # 7) consisting of issues of another German consumer broadsheet with each issue sealed in plastic.
    Spiral bound, number of issues varying between about 20 and 30, sometimes held together with the original black plastic bands
    in which they were transported,
    Spiral bound, approx. 31 x 22, with an original print on the cover
    (“Ewiger Wiederkauer – Dauerwurst”), numbered/30, signed 2006,
    60 euro


    11) 119 Wurstsalate/119 Wurst Salads
    Precisely that, as it were, but it’s not, so to say... permeating all the way
    from WURTS to TWURS (with an “Extrawurstsalat” thrown in at the end)
    A5 spiral bound, 120 original graphics (C-prints in archival inks) on 62 pages,
    numbered/100, signed,  2006
    36 euro


    12) The Invisible Hamlet
    23 portraits variously in black and white or full colour documenting the nascence of the Invisible Hamlet and the effect
    he was to have on the planet.
    Plus frontispiece and endpiece and full colour jacket.
    Soft bound, A3,all on 240 g art paper, laser printed,
    numbered/20, signed, 2006
    150 euros

    13) Paean to the Dotard
    No 13 - unlucky for some but not for His Dotardship. A fab Paeon on the 1st page plus a heroic investigation of
    His Deeds & Exploits in “An Afterword” written and researched by An Admirer, together with 22 full colour prints
    (C-prints in archival inks) by Malcolm Green:on themes from said afterword: a riot of psychedelic sloths and excrements!
    A publication for the pataphysically inclined and those who wish to be, steeped in typical incestuousness.
    33 pages in all, 21 x 21 cm
    numbered/30, signed, (Heidelberg) 2006, 40 euros


    14) Who said “when I hear the word `culture’”
     Some opinions on the notorious quote originally from Nazi playwright Hanns Johst, and liberally attributed to everyone from
    Bismarck to Goering, Henry Miller and T.S. Eliot – to name a few – culled from the seemingly infinite sea of words sailed by
    Google in March 2006
    Unnumbered A1 poster, plus a limited edition of twenty signed by the artist
    27 euros, signed 45 euro

    15) Who said “when I hear the word `culture’”
    The above but in a handy pocket book format, 15 x 10.8 cm, 32 pp. nice glossy cover with a pretty sticker
    in a signed and numbered edition of 100, 12 euros

  • 16) In Praise of Erotic Irony
    A meditation on bondage and the theory of Romantic Irony expounded by the German Romantics.
  • 13 pages, exquisitely illustrated, very tasty! 15 x 21 cm, 2007.
    Signed and numbered edition of 100,
    32 euros

  • 17) Noirs ou les fleurs du Malcolm
    A suite of 60 prints on 180 g semi-gloss art paper featuring drawings done in a few sesssions in China (Xiamen), Hellnar in Iceland,
    and Heidelberg using crayons and black photocopy paper. All very spontaneous and colourful!
    29.8 x 21, loose wrappers, 2007, signed and numbered edition of 20, only a few left
    100 euros

  • 18) Double Visions
    A suite of handwritten metaphysical remblings and speculative humour on 180 g semi-gloss art paper, featuring a number of drawings
    of inside-outers done some years earlier. Accompanied the exhibition of the same name at the BABS in London, November 2007
    29.8 x 21, loose wrappers, Heidlberg 2007,
    Signed and numbered editiion of 20,
    a snip at 90 euros

    20) The Wetting of the Self
    Marking a new stylistic departure, these pen and wash drawings with their inquiring subtext investigate the relationship between
    the deeper heavings of the soul and the liquids that we are intimately connected with.
    Signed and numbered editiion of 100, 21 x 15 cm, hardbound, 2008, 32 euros


  •    21) Freud, Lacan, Derrida
    It is quite inconceivable that the author and illustrator managed to omit Bakhtin from this pantheon of modern thought,
    this robust work is forthrightly Rabelasian. Some 26 pages of riotous retheorizing climaxing in a feminist apotheose.
    2008, 100 signed and numbered copies,
    19 euros

    23) The Egg, The Light & Purple Prose
    Two whole investigations, this time into the nature of light and the colour of the 4th dimension respectively, done in luscious watercolours.
    30 pages, 21 x 15, spiral bound, 100 signed and numbered copies, 2008,
    29 euros

    24) Jotter no.9 from Venus
    At the Small Publishers’s Fair sat the Conway Hall in 2007, someone tried to buy my notebook. Here in response is a jaunt through my notebooks
    of the last two to three years, carefully bound to faithfully convey the slapdash way in which I make my actual notebooks.
    14.8 x 10.8 cm, 73 full-page reproductions,
    100 signed and numbered copies, 2008,
    36 euros

  • 25) Double Visions
    The popular edition of No. 18 above, 15 x 10.8, soft cover,  2008, nice for when out and about.
    13 euros

    26) The Yellow Book / Gegenuhrbilder
    Suite of around 80 drawings all done solely with anticlockwise lines - including in many cases the texts written on them and even the signature!
    An exercise in whirling my brain around in an odd direction - my singature has never recovered!
    29.8 x 21 soft cover with pretty wraps in glassine. C. 85 pages, complete with a short essay and a list of the inscriptions,
    which in many case were done somewhat obscurely in anticlockwise script.
    2009. Edition of 20, signed and numbered, 90 euros

    26) Madame sans Gene
    Suite of around 90 drawings and collages done in, on and around Max Ernst’s famous collage novel La femme cent tetes:
    Unlike many neo-Ernstites, the artist has not been slave to the master’s methods but gone at recollaging and rewriting Ernst’s book with unselfconscious élan..
    Size 29.8 x 21, soft cover (looks like an arty French publication in glassine). C. 90 A4 pages in blistering colour (at times). 2009.
    From the exhibition of the same name in Emerson Gallery, Berlin.
    Edition of 20, signed and numbered 100 euros, only a few left

  • 27) A Small Diter-Rotikon
    One that slipped my attention: an essay on Dieter Roth, his poetry and imagery, his poetry (some of which is translated for the first time into English),
    his apparent solipsism and longing for the horizon of the world and of perception, his homunculism and much, much more.
    20 pages with several illuminating reproductions, illustrated discreetly by the author.
     2007, 21 pp. A5, numbered and signed edition of 100, 17 euros

    28) Three Ballets and 1 Small Play
    Terpsichorean high jinks - dystopias or utopias, depending on your view - starring diamond-studded coryphees and prima ballerinas,
    Gertrud Stein (if memory serves well), a juke box and a shotgun, a topiaried garden, a wedge, some cheese, and much much more.
    38 A6 pages, published in Bilbao, 2010, signed and numbered edition of 100,
  • € 14. Worth it alone for the cover

    A a series of faux philosophical speculations on that hoary old anomaly that mirrors can invert laterally, but not vertically, extended to questions of space in general,
    but taking its visual stimulus from the likes of Martin Sharp: eye-blistering psychedelia used to distract from linear arguments in line with Georges Bataille, so I am told.
    48 A4 pages plus a fold-out poster cover make this a highly attractive proposition at € 90 (signed and numbered edtiion of 20). Printed in high gloss, 160 g top paper,
    published in Lower Mustang, 2010
  • € 90


  • 30) May Your Genes Repent
    In many ways a footnote - the project that was to have been, but that turned into Madame Sans Gène (see above), only to resurrect in this tome.
    Pretty wraps, waggish texts and drawings, nice for a rainy day. 50 pages, high quality 160 g A4 paper, published 2009 on a pirate ship off of the east coast
    of Africa. 80 euros, glassine cover.

  • 31) m-maybe m-maybe (a girl’s picture)
    n homage (also in its appropriativeness) to Roy Lichtenstein and a bold look at the effect he has exerted on the Internet, unwittingly producing texts of great sexual
    candour and daring which the author bravely trawled through and collected from Google one weekend in 2010 before adding his own variations on one of Roy’s
    iconic works.
    21 x 21 cm on 160 g paper, edition of 100 signed and numbered and printed  in Botswana but available here via the Internet or the usual channels.
    Plain wraps in glassine, price 30 euros, most reasonable for over 40 pages like this:

    Lie or Die
    Yet another homage to an artist, this time Bruce Naumann - “a sage response to his litho Live or Die [that] defies the narrow predictability of
    Naumann’s alternatives in the ltters of the original. A riddle, or just drivel?”
    About 40 A6 pages, published in Bengal in 2012, signed and numbered edition of 100, € 14.


  • 32) Hamlet & The Purple Sea of Blood
    DVD of the eponymous film featuring purple blood and purple prose and some extraordinary epigonal music by the author on the synthesiser. With a picture essay of the author
    mutating variously into Hamlet (“blown youth blasted on ecstasy” - as Ophelia says in Shakespeare‘s play) and his own death - with the film text judiciously printed for all to consult.
    40 A5 pages, published in 2012, signed and numbered edition of 50, € 25, complete with DVD, 3D glasses and loose sheet

    Blots on My Scutcheon
    The Kleksograph (as Swabian Romantic Justinus Kerner called it) or plain old ink blot (France’s own Victor Hugo) taken to new lengths
    that not even Rorschach would have predicted. Famously tweeted by Tanya Peixoto who quoted the author as saying: “It’s my take on the
    kind of books you find at a book fair like this” - ‘twas at the Small Press fair in London.
    36 A5 pages, published in 2012, signed and numbered edition of 50, € 12.50

  • 34) An Assay
    Published by “is this a poem” in Lower Cardiff, the famous award-losing publication for BookArtBookShop’s competition in 2011
    addressing the question “What is to be done?”: The answer? Undo everything!
    28 A5 pages, in livid colour, signed and numbered edition of 25, € 12.50

    Lupin Coffee
    A folder containing 10 A3 posters done for the actions surrounding the 2011 launch of Alva Gehrmann’s Icelandic travel guide Alles Isi
    at Berlin’s one and only art space, 111 Torstrasse. Please ask for more details.
    10 posters in full colour, modest packaging, only a few left, € 38

  • 36) Kniedagewesenes
    A small A6 booklet containg around 700 German nonsense words generated by Microsoft Word and me making typing errors:
    these are the words that Word proposed over the years, and which were gleefully used by friends and visitors (and myself)
    at the exhibition at 111 Torstrasse in 2009. Check the website
     € 10


    The Soviet Comet
    Another title that .the author lost sight of, although it was printed and published in 2007 (in Swaziland)
    48 page of surrealist writing in the old fashioned style, with some rather gauche drawings by said writer.
    Spiral-bound, € 18

  • 38) The Mirror of Art
    Published by Boekie Woekie in Amsterdam as no. 1 of the Het Andre Behr Pamflet series, 20 pages of drawings and speculation
    for  € 10. Order from the Boekie Woeekie website - where shortly there will be more news about this collection
    because any minute now the first cased volume of 24 pamphlets is about to go on the market.


    Dieter Roth: R adio Sonate & The Last Reading
    Again, two titles available only from Boekie Woekie and a few select shops, Dieter’s classic Radio Sonate broadcast of him playing the piano and
    talking about anything that would hepl him get through the 50 minutes he had to play, as a CD with the full text in English and German, and
    the DVD, greatly improved on the VHS, of Dieter’s last reading which took play in Heidelberg. These I have included here simply because I was
    involved in both publications (as editor and author and translator) AND want to recommend them most highly. Price  € 32 & 38 respectively.

  • 40) Negative World
    For the sake of semi-completeness, this little pocket book is merely advertising for my art production, it doesn’t even cost anything if I like you
    or if you buy a couple of things from this site, it will probably be a bit battered, but it’s pretty:
    Price for people I don’t like and who don’t buy anything else: € 30

  • 41) A Nude Model of the Universe
    The famous supressed book, 44 pages of speculation by one Rosie Dubrie (as in a piece of cheese, and not ‘doobrie’, as my friend Alastair Brotchie thought) on the nature of consciousness and filthy pictures in an abject state subsequent to
    self-abuse (not me, honest govenor!) 25 x 18 cm, 160 g paper, full colour illustrations, glassine wrapped print by M. Green,
    € 35 for the tough-minded only